Sexual Harassment Prevention

Some of your questions regarding the sexual harassment prevention training course can be answered from the California Employers Association fact sheet below:

Sexual Harassment Prevention Facts from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

Webinar FAQ's- Answers about using a webinar

For RDH employees who work in multiple offices, certification is applicable for all offices worked and it is not necessary to be re-certified for each office worked.

CEA will provide attendees with their certification. CEU credit(s) will be included. A couple of days prior to the course day, CEDA will send a link and course handout to those who have registered for the course. Make sure to include your email address! This is an interactive course and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via a chat box.

For those questioning employee reimbursement as the non-supervisory course is schedule during the lunch break, the following is per California meal/rest code: 

If an employee normally works 8 hours (8am-12, lunch 12-1, work 1-5).   If they watch the HPT webinar on their lunch break from 12-1 they will actually be working for 9 hours.  So they get paid 8 hours regular pay + 1 hour OT.  PLUS they also receive a 1 hour penalty pay (at regular rate of pay) for not being able to take a lunch that day.     


The employer will be paying for OT (at time and a half) and a penalty hour of pay.

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